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Meet Our Team

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Chuck Zihao CHEN


Chuck (陳子豪) is from Anhui Province, China. He obtained his BSc degree at the University of Science and Technology Beijing. He joined the group as a postgraduate student in 2019. 




Yue (陳瑜) was born in Anhui province, China. She obtained her BSc from Anhui University in June 2013 as an outstanding graduate.  In 2020, she obtained her PhD under the supervision of Prof. Chiu. She is currently pursuing postdoctoral research focusing on organic synthesis and medicinal chemistry.


Yueyao CHEN


Yueyao (陳月瑶) came from Foshan, China. She obtained her BSc degree at Sun Yat-sen University. She was awarded Jessie Ho Memorial Postgraduate Fellowship and joined the group in September 2015. She is currently working on (3+2) cycloadditions.


Alex Kwok Hei CHU

Alex (朱國禧)was born in Manchester, United Kingdom. After completing an MSc degree at University College London in 2022 with a project on chemical biology recognized by the Dean's List award, he joined the PC group as an HKU Presidential Scholarship and HK PhD Fellowship holder.

HE YUN.jpeg
Yun HE

Yun (何云) was born in Chengdu, Sichuan. He obtained his BSc in 2017 from the University of Science and Technology of China (Hefei), and then joined the group as a PhD student in September 2017. He's currently working on the project of total synthesis of Tubingensin B.


Yu-Hin HO


Yu-Hin (何宇軒) is from Guangdong, China. He obtained his BSc from Jinan University in Guangzhou. He then obtained his MSc. from National Taiwan University. He joined the PC group in November 2016. His current project is on the synthesis of galbulimima alkaloids.


Fan HU


Fan (胡凡) was born in Wuhan. He obtained his MSc from Dalian University. He has worked as a scientist in Jiangsu Rotam Chemistry Co. (Canada), a senior scientist in ChemPartner, Suzhou UUGENE, then finally as a scientist in Sinovent in 2018 before joining the PC lab.


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Qin Han TEO


Qin Han (張沁涵) was born in Selangor, Malaysia. She studied at HK Polytechnic University in 2020 for BSc. during which she joined an research exchange program at Durham University with Prof. Ian Baxendale. She is a recipient of a HK PhD Fellowship and a HKU Presidential Scholarship.




Yinuo (鄭一諾) was born in Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province. She obtained her BSc degree from Central China Normal University in 2020. She joined PC group in January 2021 as a PhD student.

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